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Customized Steel Products

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Openness; Trust and Justice

We establish fair relations with our colleagues and business partners, and we see this justice as the cornerstone of our corporate success.

Responsibility and Sustainability

Considering the social and ecological impact of our actions; We act responsibly in the interests of our company.

Reliability and Reputation

We only promise what we can deliver and we respect and obey the law in all our business dealings.

About Us

With 10 years of experience, knowledge and experienced technical team in the Stainless Steel sector, we serve the Turkish industry and economy in harmony with today's economy and production technology. Our main products in the import range of our company are; There are Stainless Steel Sheet, Stainless Pipe, Profile Rod, Stainless Flat Plate, Stainless Angle, Stainless Patterned and Decorative Sheet groups.

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