Laser Cutting

Black sheet Laser Cutting, Dkp sheet Laser Cutting, Galvanized sheet Laser Cutting, Stainless sheet Laser Cutting, Hrp sheet Laser Cutting, Aluminum sheet Laser Cutting, Titanium Laser Cutting, with 3% precision.

Advantages of Laser Cutting

  • Moldless manufacturing
  • Zero deformation in the material
  • Minimum roughness and burr-free cutting in the part
  • Low cost and ease of operation in prototype works
  • Drilling holes in very small diameters
  • More economical than machining
  • As it does not come into contact with the material, crushing and warping do not occur in the material.

About Us

With 10 years of experience, knowledge and experienced technical team in the Stainless Steel sector, we serve the Turkish industry and economy in harmony with today's economy and production technology. Our main products in the import range of our company are; There are Stainless Steel Sheet, Stainless Pipe, Profile Rod, Stainless Flat Plate, Stainless Angle, Stainless Patterned and Decorative Sheet groups.

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