Stainless Pipe


Stainless steel pipes are divided into two types: SEAMLESS and SEAMLESS (drawn). Seamless pipes are used in heavy industry and where there is high pressure. Welded pipes are divided into three as HF welding, TIG welding and Laser Welding. HF welded pipes are not pressure resistant. Therefore, it is mostly used in places where there is no pressure such as decoration and industrial kitchens. Since TIG welded (or Laser Welded) pipes have high pressure resistance, they are used in textile, industrial machinery, chemistry, automotive, petro-chemistry and maritime sectors; that is, it is used where pressure resistance is required. Stainless steel pipes are produced on matte, brushed and polished surfaces as surface quality. Our company, which keeps 304 / 304L / 316 / 316L / 316Tİ / quality pipes in stock in line with the demand in the market, also supplies special quality stainless steel pipes for use in various sectors, in addition to these grades, upon your requests.

Weight Chart

OUTER DIAMETER (mm)1 mm1,2 mm1,5 mm2 mm2,5 mm3 mm4 mm5 mm
6 mm0.13
8 mm0.18
10 mm0.230.260.32
10,2 mm0.230.270.33
12 mm0.280.330.390.5
14 mm0.330.390.470.6
15 mm0.350.420.510.65
16 mm0.380.450.550.7
17,2 mm0.410.480.590.760.921.07
19 mm0.450.540.660.851.031.2
21,3 mm0.510.60.740.971.181.38
22 mm0.530.630.7711.221.43
25 mm0.60.720.881.151.411.65
25,4 mm0.610.730.91.171.431.68
26,9 mm0.650.770.951.251.531.8
28 mm0.680.8111.31.61.88
30 mm0.730.871.071.41.722.03
32 mm0.780.931.151.51.852.18
33,7 mm0.820.981.211.591.952.31
38 mm0.931.111.371.82.222.633.41
40 mm0.981.171.451.92.352.783.61
42,4 mm1.041.241.542.022.52.963.85
45 mm1.11.321.632.152.663.164.11
48,3 mm1.181.421.762.322.873.44.44
50 mm1.231.471.822.42.973.534.61
50,8 mm1.251.491.852.443.023.594.69
52 mm1.281.531.
60,3 mm1.491.782.212.923.624.35.646.92
63,5 mm1.571.872.333.083.824.555.967.32
70 mm1.732.072.573.414.235.036.618.14
76,1 mm1.882.252.83.714.615.497.228.9
84 mm2.082.493.
88,9 mm2.643.284.355.416.458.510.5
101,6 mm3.764.996.27.419.7812.09
104 mm3.855.116.357.5910.0212.4
108 mm45.316.67.8910.4212.9
114,3 mm4.245.6278.3611.0513.68
129 mm4.796.367.929.4712.5215.52
139,7 mm5.196.98.5910.2713.5916.86
159 mm5.927.869.811.7215.5319.28
168,3 mm6.278.3310.3812.4216.4620.45
204 mm7.6110.1212.6115.120.0324.92
219,1 mm10.8713.5616.2321.5426.81
254 mm12.6215.7418.8625.0431.18
273 mm13.5716.9320.2826.9433.55
323,9 mm16.1220.1224.1132.0439.93
355,6 mm17.7122.126.4935.2243.9
406,4 mm20.2525.2830.340.350.26

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With 10 years of experience, knowledge and experienced technical team in the Stainless Steel sector, we serve the Turkish industry and economy in harmony with today's economy and production technology. Our main products in the import range of our company are; There are Stainless Steel Sheet, Stainless Pipe, Profile Rod, Stainless Flat Plate, Stainless Angle, Stainless Patterned and Decorative Sheet groups.

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