Stainless Square


There are 304 quality squares in various sizes in our company. In addition, 316 squares are supplied upon your order. In our stocks, standard l squares in the range of 4 * 4 - 80 * 80 sizes are available in 4-6 m lengths. Apart from the standard square dimensions, you can also obtain production squares in different sizes and qualities from our company.

Stainless Steel Round-Square-Hexagonal Rod Weight Table (kg/m)

38 mm11.34
4 mm0.1340 mm12.6
5 mm0.242 mm14.1
6 mm0.2845 mm15.9
7 mm0.3950 mm19.6
8 mm0.555 mm23.8
9 mm0.6460 mm28.3
10 mm0.7965 mm33.2
11 mm0.9570 mm38.5
12 mm1.1375 mm44.2
13 mm1.3380 mm50.2
14 mm1.5485 mm56.7
15 mm1.7790 mm63.6
16 mm2.01100 mm78.5
17 mm2.27
18 mm2.54
19 mm2.83
20 mm3.14
21 mm3.5
22 mm3.8
23 mm4.15
24 mm4.52
25 mm4.9
26 mm5.3
28 mm6.15
30 mm7.07
32 mm8.1
35 mm9.62
36 mm10.2

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With 10 years of experience, knowledge and experienced technical team in the Stainless Steel sector, we serve the Turkish industry and economy in harmony with today's economy and production technology. Our main products in the import range of our company are; There are Stainless Steel Sheet, Stainless Pipe, Profile Rod, Stainless Flat Plate, Stainless Angle, Stainless Patterned and Decorative Sheet groups.

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