Stainless Steel Flat

Stainless Steel Flat


There are 304 quality blades in various sizes in our company. In addition, 316 and 310 quality blades are supplied upon your order. Standard blades in the range of 20*3 – 120*20 dimensions are available in 6 m lengths in our stocks. Apart from the standard blade sizes, you can also obtain manufacturing blades of different sizes and qualities from our company.

Stainless steel llamas, food industry, cutlery-spoon production, boat shafts, paint industry, machinery industry, weapon industry, transportation vehicles, places with acidic environments, medical devices, food and food production facilities, various screws, nuts, bolts, It is used in the manufacture of products such as valves, shafts and pistons.

Stainless Steel Flat Weight Table (kg/m)

MEASUREMENT5 mm6 mm8 mm10 mm12 mm15 mm20 mm25 mm30 mm
10 mm0.40.480.640.80.961.21.622.4
15 mm0.60.720.961.21.441.82.433.6
20 mm0.80.961.281.61.922.43.244.8
25 mm11.21.622.43456
30 mm1.21.441.922.42.883.64.867.2
35 mm1.41.682.242.83.364.25.678.4
40 mm1.61.922.563.23.844.86.489.6
45 mm1.82.162.883.64.325.47.2910.8
50 mm22.43.244.8681012
60 mm2.42.883.844.85.767.29.61214.4
70 mm2.83.364.485.66.728.411.21416.8
80 mm3.23.845.126.47.689.612.81619.2
90 mm3.64.325.767.28.6410.814.41821.6
100 mm44.86.489.612162024
110 mm4.
120 mm4.85.767.689.611.5214.419.22428.8

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With 10 years of experience, knowledge and experienced technical team in the Stainless Steel sector, we serve the Turkish industry and economy in harmony with today's economy and production technology. Our main products in the import range of our company are; There are Stainless Steel Sheet, Stainless Pipe, Profile Rod, Stainless Flat Plate, Stainless Angle, Stainless Patterned and Decorative Sheet groups.

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